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Shape optimization for non-interferometric rotational test of the CSL model

Room: 204
Speaker: Ario Altamura
The Continuous Spontaneous Localisation (CSL) model is the most studied among collapse models, which describes the breakdown of the superposition principle for macroscopic systems. Here, we derive an upper bound on the parameters of the model by applying it to the rotational noise measured in a recent short-distance gravity experiment [Lee et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 124, 101101 (2020)]. Specifically, considering the noise affecting the rotational motion, we found that despite being a table-top experiment the bound is only one order of magnitude weaker than that from LIGO for the relevant values of the collapse parameter. Further, we analyse possible ways to optimise the shape of the test mass to enhance the collapse noise by several orders of magnitude and eventually derive stronger bounds that can address the unexplored region of the CSL parameters space.

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