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Quantum Brownian Motion: A derivation of the Hu-Paz-Zhang master equation

Room: 204
Speaker: Matteo Carlesso
In this seminar the master equation for the quantum Brownian motion will be derived In the Heisenberg picture. The result is equivalent to the well-known Hu-Paz-Zhang master equation, but written in a simpler way.Some examples will be shown where an explicit expression of the master equation can be provided also beyond the weak coupling regime. The differences in the latters between the Hu-Paz-Zhang master equation and the most known markovian ones (markovian quantum brownian motion and Caldeira-Leggett) will be discussed.
References: -B. L. Hu, J. P. Paz, and Y. Zhang. Quantum Brownian motion in a general environment: Exact master equation with nonlocal dissipation and colored noise. Phys. Rev. D, 45:2843–2861, 1992 -H. P. Breuer and F. Petruccione. The Theory of Open Quantum Systems. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2002

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