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Functional Derivatives

Room: 204
Speaker: Lorenzo Patini (Master student of Physics, Univeristy of Trieste)
Functional derivatives are very useful mathematical tools belonging to functional analysis that apply successfully in developing mathematical theory of quantum field theory and other branches of advanced physics. For this reason it’s fundamental to study in deep the concept of functional derivative specially from a mathematical point of view, in order to better handle mathematics that hold up modern physics and to better understand physical implications of theorems derived from it.
References: – W. Greiner, J. Reinhardt, Field quantization. – E. Engel, R.M. Dreizler, Density functional theory, Theoretical and mathematical physics. – A. Gonis, Functionals and functional derivatives of wave functions and densities. – A.H. Siqqidi, Applied functional analysis. – A.V.,Balakrishnan, Applied functional analysis. – R. Coleman, Calculus on normed vector spaces. – G. Geymonat, Constructive aspects of functional analysis.

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