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Effectiveness of collapse in the Diósi-Penrose model

Room: 204
Speaker: Laria Figurato
Within the framework of the theory of open quantum systems, Diósi and Penrose have suggested that gravity, whose effects are negligible at the level of atoms and molecules but increase significantly at the level of macroscopic objects, could be the source of wave function collapse. When a system is in a spatial quantum superposition, a corresponding superposition of two different spacetimes is generated; the greater the mass of the system in superposition, the greater the difference in the two spacetimes and the faster the collapse of the wave function. We therefore calculated the effectiveness of gravity-induced collapse on rigid bodies to determine whether the current model, together with the known experimental limits, is strong enough to avoid macroscopic spatial superposition. Currently, we are working to establish an upper limit on the free parameter R_0 of the model. (at least preliminary).

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