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Decoherence effects on 1D quasi-condensates

Room: Euler lecture Hall
Speaker: Marco Bilardello
In the last yers, several experimental works have observed decoherence effects on low dimensional ultracold atoms systems. In particular, splitting coherently a 1D quasi-condensate, and let the two obtained clouds evolve separately from each other, it’s been observed a very fast thermalization-like effect (usually called prethermalization), with an exponential decrease of the coherence factor. So, the two quasi-condensates become two indipendent ultracold atom clouds. I will review these works, and I will show briefly what theoretical models describe these effects.
References: – Matter-wave interferometry in a double well on an atom chip, T. Schumm et al., Nature Physics 2005; – Local emergence of thermal correlations in an isolated quantum many-body system, T. Langen et al., Nature Physics 2013; – Prethermalization revealed by the relaxation dynamics of full distribution functions, D. Adu Smith et al., New Journal of Physics 2013; – Decoherence Dynamics in Low-Dimensional Cold Atom Interferometers, A. A. Burkov, M.D. Lukin, E. Demler, Phys. Rev. Lett. 2007; – Dephasing in coherently-split quasicondensates, H.-P. Stimming, N.J. Mauser, J. Schmiedmayer, I.E. Mazets, Phys. Rev. A 2011.

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