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Cosmological bounds on CSL parameters

Room: 204
Speaker: Mr. Farzad Kianvash (Sharif Univeristy of Technology Tehran, Iran, Azadi Ave, Iran)
Collapse models are phenomenological models which are introduced in order to explain the mechanism of the wave function collapse. The most well-known collapse model is the Continuous spontaneous localization (CSL) model. As for any phenomenological model, its predictions depend on the values of its new phenomenological parameters and therefore set some bounds on them is important. There are two ways to do it: the first one is to design a specific experiments while the second one is to compare the model’s predictions with observed data from nature. We compare CSL predictions with current cosmological observations, which leads to new bounds on its parameters.The first part of the talk is intended to be a brief introduction to cosmology. Then we try to use some cosmological phenomena (like adiabatic expansion of the intergalactic medium or the big bang nucleosynthesis era) to get new bounds on the parameters of CSL model.

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