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We work in quantum mechanics and its foundations: the measurement problem, the meaning of the wave function, entaglement and nonlocality, the quantum-to-classical transition, the relation between quantum theory and relativity/gravity.

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Noisy gates for simulating quantum computers, our team on PRR
Current quantum computers contain hundreds of qubits a number large enough to perform interesting tasks. However, quantum computers are far from being ideal: they are prone to errors due to noises, which limit their capabilities. The scientific community is devoting a lot of effort in order to understand the impact of…
Quantum computation research on PRL
Arrays of cold atoms in optical tweezers are emerging as a promising candidate for developing quantum information processing architectures; striking results in the last few years range from the exploration of many-body dynamics to quantum optimization and computation. Yet, while coherent many-body dynamics can be controlled with high fidelity by…
Frontiers of Matter Wave Optics School and Conference
Matter-wave interferometry has remarkably advanced with systems as diverse as electrons, neutrons, cold atoms, molecules and nanoparticles. The conference Foundations of Matter-Wave Optics (FOMO) unites world experts in the field to review the state-of-art and to discuss new challenges. For more information, see the dedicated page at FOMO.
Bassi Group wins the “Solvers Wanted-2021” challenge of Leonardo
The Bassi Group wins new funds and starts a collaboration with Leonardo, thanks to the project "Noisy quantum algorithms".

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