Bassi Group wins the "Solvers Wanted-2021" challenge of Leonardo

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Prof. Angelo Bassi, together with the members of the research gorup Sandro Donadi, Michele Vischi, Giovanni Di Bartolomeo and Francesco Cesa, won the Leonardo Challenge on the Solvers Wanted innovation scouting platform, thanks to the project "Noisy quantum algorithms".

The challenges proposed on the Solvers Wanted platform, also open to the academic world and startups, were defined by Leonardo starting from the "Technology and Innovation Needs" linked to the needs of the company. In particular, among the themes of this edition, there was a challenge on the identification of sophisticated techniques in the field of quantum computing.

The project presented by the team focuses on the study of the effects of noise in the functioning of quantum computers. In particular, the goal will be to develop efficient schemes to simulate their propagation during the implementation of quantum algorithms on photonic quantum computers, specially in the framework of Measurement-Based algorithms.

The team was awarded a one-year collaboration contract with Leonardo to develop the idea, as well as the possibility of joining the "Leonardo team for innovation" network.