Non-Markovian Collapse Models: Analysis of the Free Particle Dynamics

Monday, July 15, 2019
Digant Tyagi, masters student at University of Trieste
In this talk I will present a non-Markovian generalisation of free particle dynamics of a quantum particle under the QMUPL model of wavefunction collapse. This will be done by extending the white-noise (or Markovian) QMUPL model to non-white noises using a perturbative method, expanding to first order of the coupling constant which determines the strength of the collapse. Using a Gaussian wavefunction ansatz with a physically reasonable temporal correlation function for the noise field associated with the collapse given by an exponential function an expression, the equations of motion of a single particle will be obtained. From this I will derive and solve the equation for the spatial spread of the Gaussian wavefunction, as it is independent of the noise field and hence deterministic.