Bohmian Mechanics

Friday, October 24, 2014
Sandro Donadi
In this seminar we will give an introduction to Bohmian Mechanics (also known as De Broglie-Bohm theory). Since Bohmian Mechanics is an example of hidden variable theory, in the first part of the seminar we will introduce the idea of hidden variables theory. In particular, we will discuss about a theorem, due to John Von-Neumann, which stated that is no hidden variables theory can reproduce the predictions of quantum mechanics, pointing out what is wrong in the assumptions of that theorem. Then in the second part of the seminar we will introduce Bohmian Mechanics, the equations that describe this theory and we discuss its ontology compared to the one of standard quantum mechanics.
About hidden variables: -chapter 9 of the book "sneaking a look at God's cards" of G. Ghirardi. About Bohmian Mechanics: - A general intro: - for more detailed Informations: "Bohmian Mechanics" of Duerr and Teufel.